Games to Start a Collection

By algrimes • 3/12/2020 • 5969 Views
Games to Start a Collection

Games To Start A Collection

How do you start a board game collection? If you are new to board-gaming, it might seem overwhelming to choose a few games which can serve as a solid base from which to build. The following games, in our experience, are strong candidates to start a collection (although by no means is this an exhaustive list). Overall, these games are easier to learn but represent a variety of standard game mechanics and themes. Once you learn these, you will feel comfortable with a variety of more advanced games.  We listed them by category/mechanic.


Dice Rolling: Space Base

Space Base

What We Love About It: It’s even more fun during your opponent’s turn

Pros: Replayability, Strong selection of winning strategies

Cons: Starts a bit slow


Cooperative: Aeon's End

Aeon's End

What We Love About It: No shuffling deck-building

Pros: Replayability, strong variety of bosses with unique mechanics, variable turn order

Cons: Some chance of analysis paralysis and/or quarterbacking


Auction: Cyclades


What We Love About It: Multiple paths for victory including non-military

Pros: Deeper than it looks, Limited military helps force players to consider non-military options

Cons: Card or two can seem unfair


Push Your Luck: Clank!


What We Love About It: A fun deckbuilder for all ages

Pros: Easy to teach, thematic

Cons: Not the most replayable game


Deckbuilding: Dominion


What We Love About It: The number of potential decks provide near-endless possibilities

Pro: Easy to learn, Fun to try different possible decks out

Cons: Very straightforward, No real theme

Honorable Mention: Star Realms


Drafting: 7 Wonders

7 Wonders

What We Love About It: Scales well for larger player counts

Pros: Fun to plan for later rounds

Cons: Not much interactivity

Honorable Mention: Sushi Go


Role Selection: Mission: Red Planet

Mission Red Planet

What We Love About It: Good decision space

Pros: Strong interactivity, Cool artwork/theme

Cons: Some “take that” mechanisms


Party: Codenames


What We Love About It: Very Inclusive, Seen “non-gamers” play it

Pros: Good Range of Ages, Fun Team Game, Scales well for larger groups

Cons: Challenging to play the Spymaster role


 Hidden Role/Traitor: Resistance


What We Love About It: Great negotiation and bluffing opportunities

Pros: Low effort required, good end-of-the-night game

Cons:  Wrong crowd can turn this game into a disaster

Honorable Mentions: One Night Werewolf, Werewords


Worker Placement: Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep

What We Love About It: Very enjoyable to get an on-going benefit after you build a building

Pros: Easy to learn, plays quickly

Cons: Pasted-on theme, not very deep


Dungeon Crawler: Gloomhaven


What We Love About It: Probably the only dungeon crawler you’ll ever need

Pros: Tons of replayability

Cons: It’ll take you a full day to punch out the cardboard and another day to read the rules and learn how to play

Honorable Mention: Imperial Assault


Engine Builder: Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy

What We Love About It: Deep strategy game

Pros: Tons of replayability, decisions seem meaningful

Cons: Confusing iconography, Difficult to teach

Honorable Mention: Jump Drive, Wingspan


What games do you think are good ones with which to start a collection? 

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