Biggest Sellers

The biggest sellers on LiQD BoardGames

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 1, 2021

1) Horrified
Classic movie monsters terrorize a town! Can your team stop them in time? ...

2) Tiny Towns
Tiny Towns
Plan well as you build your town one building at a time. Will it fit? ...

3) Wingspan
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Attract a beautiful and diverse collection of birds to your wildlife reserve. ...

4) Disney Villainous
Disney Villainous
The villains assemble to face off, race to their goal, and rule the Disney realms. ...

5) Backyard Builders Treehouse
Backyard Builders Treehouse
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Draft from a shared hand to build the best treehouse in this ultra quick family game. ...

6) Unlock!: Mystery Adventures – The House on the Hill
Unlock!: Mystery Adventures – The House on the Hill
At the beginning of The House on the Hill, strange, paranormal activities have surrounded an abandoned house for the past three days. When an investigation uncovers that these occult occurrences center on an excerpt read from The Book of the Dead, you and your companions are tasked to enter the house, find the book, and stop the curse… Unlock! is a series of escape adventures for up to six players. With one hour on the clock, players work through a deck of sixty cards as a team, searching for clues, combining objects, and solving puzzles. The free Unlock! companion app runs ...

7) The Quest for El Dorado
The Quest for El Dorado
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Race through a dense South American jungle in pursuit of the legendary city of gold. ...

8) Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy
Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy
Game description from the publisher: Inside abandoned hospitals, secret laboratories, and forgotten cellars, scientists are conducting depraved experiments that will drag humanity to the brink of the abyss. Only a small group of investigators can discover the truth and put an end to these mad plots before it's too late... Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy provides players with new investigators for the Mansions of Madness base game, as well as new Trauma, Mythos, and Combat cards for use in any story. Forbidden Alchemy also includes three new scenarios, in which investigators will encounter new rooms, monsters, items, clues, locks, and obstacles: ...

9) Kaispeicher
Game description from the publisher: With Kaispeicher, there will be even more to do between the warehouses and channels of The Speicherstadt. This expansion adds new wares and cards to the game, including not only new buildings, orders and ships, but also several actions that will allow you to gain an advantage or make life difficult for your opponents. There is also a new figure for each player, which – in conjunction with the new auction mechanism – will add a whole new level of tactical options. This expansion includes 25 real metal coins, bringing even more life to the busy port ...

10) Order of the Gilded Compass
Order of the Gilded Compass
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Order of the Gilded Compass is a dice assignment game for 2-5 players. In this game, each player takes on the role of a treasure hunter seeking invitation to join the most prestigious of archaeological secret societies. Players scour the globe to unearth fantastic and valuable artifacts. By assigning their archaeologist dice to the right locations at the right time, players acquire treasure maps and specialists to follow them, dive for sunken treasure, acquire rare finds at the auction house, and even enlist the help of the Illuminati. The player who has the most treasure at the end of the ...

11) Mystery Rummy: Escape from Alcatraz
Mystery Rummy: Escape from Alcatraz
Alcatraz Island is home to one of the most formidable federal prisons ever conceived. In its history, no one was ever acknowledged as having escaped from the prison. As guards, it's your job to foil escape attempts by gathering information on plans and capturing the ringleaders. Mystery Rummy: Escape from Alcatraz, game #5 in the "Mystery Rummy" series from Mike Fitzgerald, consists of 129 cards in two decks: the Plans Deck of 84 escape plan cards and 14 escapee cards, and the Action Deck of 31 action cards. The goal of the game is to earn points by helping foil escape ...

12) Martian Dice
Martian Dice
Your mission, Martians, is to swoop down on the pathetic denizens of the primitive planet Earth and scoop up as many of the inhabitants as you can manage. We are interested in samples of the Chicken, Cow, and Human populations so that we can determine which of them is actually in charge. The Earthlings might manage to put up a feeble defense, but surely nothing that a small taste of your Death Rays can't handle. Make Mars proud – be the first Martian to fill your abduction quota! In Martian Dice you will roll 13 custom dice in an effort to ...

13) Archaeology: The Card Game
Archaeology: The Card Game
Collect and sell treasure for profit! But get too greedy and you might lose it all... ...

14) Great Western Trail
Great Western Trail
Use strategic outposts and navigate danger as you herd your cattle to Kansas City. ...

15) Runebound (Third Edition)
Runebound (Third Edition)
Toss an ever growing pool of tokens to learn your fate as your quest develops. ...

16) Smash Up
Smash Up
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Combine disparate groups to earn victory points and change the rules in the process. ...

17) Concept
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Select icons to help your team guess a secret word or phrase. ...

18) Brew Crafters
Brew Crafters
Craft beers in the hopes of being the best brewery in the city. ...

19) A Feast for Odin
A Feast for Odin
Puzzle together the life of a Viking village as you hunt, farm, craft, and explore. ...

20) Quantum
Puzzle your way to victory through clever positioning to dominate the galaxy. ...

21) Star Trek: Fleet Captains
Star Trek: Fleet Captains
Federation and Klingon fleets complete missions throughout the galaxy for dominance. ...

22) Ginkgopolis
Build upwards as well as outwards to control the most buildings in a future eco-city. ...

23) Tales of the Arabian Nights
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Experience intriguing Arabian legends while competing to find your story and destiny. ...

24) Libertalia
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Thwart the plans of your scurvy “comrades-in-arms”. The most cunning pirate wins. ...

25) 1775: Rebellion
1775: Rebellion
Four sides manoeuvre & battle to capture territory in America's War for Independence. ...

26) Macao
Deliver goods, build the city and your tableau using a unique dice selection method. ...

27) The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project
Help your nation gain the best arsenal of atomic bombs. ...

28) 1830: Railways & Robber Barons
1830: Railways & Robber Barons
A classic game of managing railroads and investing wisely. ...

29) Navegador
Sail to unexplored lands while managing your trade in the Portuguese Colonial Empire. ...

30) Memoir '44
Memoir '44
Revisit the battles of D-Day and control the forces of the Allies and the Axis! ...

31) Five Tribes
Five Tribes
Move assassins, elders & builders through Naqala to claim oases & control djinns. ...

32) Food Chain Magnate
Food Chain Magnate
Strategically hire and manage your workforce to outcompete rival fast food chains. ...

33) Le Havre
Le Havre
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Establish a supply chain by collecting resources, building industries, and shipping. ...

34) Blood Rage
Blood Rage
Ragnarök has come! Secure your place in Valhalla in epic Viking battles. ...